Skills requested to participate
  • No previous knowledge of sailing is requested to take part in the activities of Mainè: the skipper has all the skills to sail the boat on his own. However those who want to participate to improve their skills or to learn from scratch will receive a training tailored to his level of knowledge and will be able to try all the manoeuvres.
  • It is preferable that anyone on board can swim. Those who don’t swim or are not confident with water can however take part to our activities, but they will have to wear the provided life-jacket at all times. The life-jackets are self-inflating, sure, comfortable and lightweight.
Clothes and accessories
  • Comfortable trainers, better with light-coloured soles, or classic boat shoes. It is essential to wear comfortable shoes both to safely operate on the deck and to take walks on land.
  • Water proof clothes (waxed jackets, soft-shells, anoraks, k-ways…) in the event of rain or water splashes. We suggest you also have water-proof trousers or overtrousers.
  • Warm clothes. Even in the summer, and moreover in spring and autumn, sudden temperature changes might happen. For this reason it is good to have at least one pair of long trousers, socks and a jumper, a sweater or a fleece jacket.
  • Sleeping bag or a set of sheets and blanket. Pillows are provided.
  • Soft travel bags, so that they can be easily stored once empty. Wheelie suitcases and other rigid bags will not be accepted.
  • Swimming suites, towels, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen (possibly not oil but cream), scuba masks, fins and all you are used to normally bring to the seaside.
  • The fee includes a wi-fi connection to read emails and online newspapers. It is not possible, however, to download or watch films or to make any operation requiring an exaggerated load of data.
  • To charge your electronic devices (telephone, computer, tablet, cameras etc.) you may use normal 220 V plugs when in the port. While sailing or in roadsteads you can charge using a USB wire connected with the provided transformer.
  • On the boat you can listen to your own music, both on the deck and inside, connecting your MP3 or telephone to the stereo with the provided jack.
  • Children of all ages, from a few months and up, are welcome to take part in the activities of Mainè. Of course they will have to wear lifejackets and will need to be followed, as on land, following their rythms, choosing sailing routes tailored on their needs. They usually turn out as the best sailors and it is unlikely they don’t have great fun sailing.
  • There are no restricitions for boarding pets, but their presence will have to be previously accepted by all members, since they require specific attentions (for example regularly landing with dogs) that may vary consistently the rythm of navigation.
  • On board there are two trawler fishing rods that can be used by anyone who would like to. Any other kind of fishing is allowed as long as carried out in the dedicated areas and with own equipment.
Sea sickness
  • Anyone who has the doubt – or certainty – of suffering from seasickness can secure the only 100% sure remedy: a patch to apply behind the ear and whose efficacy lasts for three days. The commercial name is Transcop and can be bought in any pharmacy. The substance contained is called scopolamine.
Grocery shopping
  • The first grocery shopping, as well as the following ones, is taken by the guests, who can ask the skipper for general suggestions. In rare exceptional cases it is possible to agree a first basic grocery shopping made by the skipper, so not to waste too much time when leaving.
  • Boats already supply: cold prosecco wine for a welcome toast, oil, salt, vinegar, sugar, coffee, tea, kitchen paper, toilet paper, cling film, baking paper, tin foil, dish soap and sponges, hand soap and various cleaning products.
Boat management
  • The management of navigation is exclusive jurisdiction of the skipper. Guests will agree with him rythms and routes of navigation, safety of the crew and boat permitting. The skipper is the only person held responsible for safety aboard and his choices, always explained, must be respected.
  • The kitchen is organised by the guests, who will be able to share the chores as they wish, as in any normal holiday house or camping.
  • The whole crew, including the skipper, is responsible for the order and cleaning of the boat.
  • The kitchen is fully equipped with two fires, one oven, all usual pans and pots, plates, glasses and cuttlery. No plastic tableware is provided, but it can be bought before getting on board.
  • Fresh water aboard is limited to the capacity of tanks. In some cases, if you don’t get to a port for a few days you might need to avoid showers to preserve the fresh water reserve. In any case it is important to always be very careful not to waste water in daily activities as dish washing.
Booking and payment
  • A wire transfer payment of 50% of the total amount is due at the time of booking. As soon as the amount will be viewed you will receive an email with the confirmation. The balance is due 30 days before boarding, always via wire transfer. Current expenses will be paid cash at the disembark.
What does the service include and what not
  • Unless otherwise specified fees include: skipper, final cleaning, use of tender, outboard and relative petrol, the kitchen gas and basic supplies (such as sugar, salt, oil, coffee, kitchen paper, soaps etc.), as well as a welcome aperitivo.
  • The fees do not include: food, diesel fuel, mooring in ports different from the base port (Lavagna or Alghero), travel expenses to reach the ports, the membership fee (15 euros per person) and anything not stated in the previous list.
  • Le barche sono corredate di tutte le dotazioni di sicurezza prescritte per le navigazioni più impegnative, inclusa una fornita cassetta di pronto soccorso e sistemi di comunicazione radio e satellitari.
  • Un giubbotto salvagente autogonfiabile con cintura di sicurezza viene fornito a ogni ospite. Si tratta di giubbotti molto più comodi dei tradizionali in schiuma rossi/arancioni e che possono essere indossati per ore senza che intralcino i movimenti.