It has been said that sailing is a necessity. This is only half a truth. Sailing is necessary to be free as much as one can dream of being so on this earth, without harming anyone. As long as one really desires to be free. Otherwise you can just avoid it.

Björn Larsson, Från vredens kap till jordens ände (our translation)

Mainè is a word taken from the ancient Italian ligurian dialect, and it simply means “sailors”. Mainè is a sailing school, an experienced crew for a sailing holiday, an association that offers educational and rehabilitation programmes based on a relationship with the sea. Throughout all its activities, Mainè provides the skills, tools and experiences that together contribute to build a marine culture. The seamanship developed throughout our activities is essential to overcome the limit of the shoreline, venturing with confidence and respect in the vastness of the sea. Mainè is a sports association recognized by CONI and affiliated to UISP. Statute   |   Regulation   |   faq
foto profilo
Fabio Berio
Skipper and founder of Mainè

Born in Imperia, Western Liguria, Fabio started sailing since he was a kid, on row boats, Optimists (small sailing boats) and on anything that would float and not require a license. He has sailed more than 18,000 miles, 6,000 of which in the Atlantic Ocean and the rest in the Mediterranean Sea. He has been teacher for the Lega Navale di Milano for two years before founding Mainè, in April 2012. When he is not at sea, Fabio collaborates with the University of Milan, where he helds lectures of contemporary history and follows research projects in the field of the history of mobility.