Regulation of Mainè



1 – Insurance

Every member is insured by UISP with Zurich Insurance, with the coverage Tessera A (Athlete). Before joining or participating in an activity of the association it is the responsibility of members to inspect terms and conditions of the insurance :



2 – Cancellation policy

If for any reason the members who booked an activity are not able to participate, there will be no refund by the association. However, in case the cancellation is made at least three weeks in advance, it is possible to arrange a change of date and to provide an integration or a partial refund should the fee be different.
Instead, in case the association will have to cancel an activity for reasons related to its organization (unavailability of a skipper, damaged boats, etc.), a refund of the registration fee or of the sum corresponding to the portion of activity cancelled is offered. Otherwise, at the discretion of the member, there will be the opportunity to participate in a similar activity on another date. The association cannot however refund any travel or accommodation expenses in which members may incur as a result of forced stops in ports other than those originally planned by the program. For this kind of event you can consider subscribing a personal travel insurance.



3 – Weather Conditions

The programmes of the activities are always subject to change or cancellation in the event of adverse weather conditions which may make navigation dangerous. In this case, unfortunately, we cannot offer any refund, but we will do our best to provide an alternative, considering a navigation in sheltered waters or delaying the departure or choosing different routes. It is advisable that the decision of the skipper – who is the only responsible for the security on board – is respected, he will have to assess the situation on the basis of many variables, including the number of people on board and their level of experience.